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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Junior Golf Academy?
A. A structured/leveled junior golf developmental program that continues year-round for golfers ages 7 – 16.

Q. Is the Junior Academy open to all skill levels of players?
A. The academy is open to beginner golfers with no prior knowledge of the game, or intermediate golfers who want to improve their game.

Q. How much does the academy cost?
A. Level 1 costs $125 per month for (4) 60 minute class sessions per month.
Levels 2–4 costs $225 per month for (4) 90 minute class sessions per month / includes Player’s Club Membership.
Plus a one time non-refundable $50.00 registration fee per student.

Q. How does my junior golfer know which level they should start at?
A. Each player must complete a quick evaluation of their current skill level. Then level placement is determined by the instructor. Advanced players may be placed in higher levels at the discretion of the instructor.

Q. When are the classes held?
A. All classes are held at the Ridgview Ranch Golf Club in Plano, Texas.

Q. How does each player move up to the next level in the program?
A. Each player will have to pass a skills level test based on the criteria they learn in the particular level they are currently participating in. Each player will practice and learn all criteria prior to being able to challenge to move up to the next level.

Q.When are evaluations for level placement held?
A. Evaluations can be conducted after class sessions during the week by appointment only at the instructor’s discretion. Please contact us for an appointment.

Q. How do I enroll my kids in to the Junior Golf Academy?
A. Please fill out either the Online Enrollment Application form on our website or print off an Enrollment Application from our website. You can also contact Bryan Ham at (214) 799-3029 for more options.

Q.What if my junior golfer misses a class?
A. We allow up to two classes to be made up per month in the same month the classes we missed.



"The premier junior golf tour is a great experience for the beginner golfer, the kids and parents learn rules and etiquette and it's just fun competition for kids that are starting out".
Jason Boslow

"The Premier Junior Golf Academy has been great for our son. The coaches are fantastic and really have the kid's best interest at heart. Whether your child is a beginner or advanced, there is a program to fit your needs"
Sam Montalbano

"The junior golf tour tournaments are a great way to introduce the beginning golfer and parents to tournaments. They are "no pressure" environments that are fun for the kids and easy for the parents to understand. My son has a great time at these events and constantly looks forward to the next one"
Brent Markham